Set of five pegboards. Pegboard  wall, pegboard decor, plywood peg board

Set of five pegboards. Pegboard wall, pegboard decor, plywood peg board

Pegboard organizer, plywood peg board, pegboard shelf. Set of five pegboards. This pegboard is made for you manually from high-quality plywood. Pegboards shelves will be able to decorate any room in your home or office. Install them in the kitchen, in the children's room, in the hallway as a coat hanger, in the study or even in your home workshop as a shelf for tools and your home will become even more stylish and beautiful. Installing a pegboard is simple and does not require much time. Pegboard organizer will fit into homes with Scandinavian style, minimalist style, loft style, industrial style. The diameter of the holes is 0.77 "(20 mm.). The distance between the holes is 3.94" (100 mm.)Material - Plywood 0,71" (1,8cm). Polyurethane matte varnish, acrylic paint. Round pin - beech. Wall mounting possible in horizontal and vertical positions. French cleat hanging system. We can make a pegboard according to individual sizes and with the number of pins and shelves you need. It is also possible to paint in the color you want. Email us and we will do our best to fulfill your order. The prices shown on the website do not include shipping costs. The final cost (including delivery options) you can choose when placing an order.

  • !!!WARNING!!!

    In case of improper assembly, the company is not responsible for possible breakdowns and other incidents related to the operation of an incorrectly assembled product.

  • Production time

    10-14 business days

  • Details

    The kit includes:

    The total size of the entire composition of five pegboards - 59,05"х35,43" (150х90cm).

    The kit includes:
    The shield is perforated 23,62"x35,43" (60х90cm). - 1 pc.
    The shield is perforated 23,62"x23,62" (60х60cm). - 1 pc.
    The shield is perforated 11,81"x11,81" (30х30cm). - 2 pc.
    The shield is perforated 11,81"x11,81" (90х30cm). - 1 pc.
    Rectangular shelf with pins 4,72"x15,75"x0,71" (12x40x1,8cm). - 3 pcs.
    Rectangular shelf with pins 4,72"x11,81"x0,71"  (12x30х1,8cm). - 3 pcs. 
    Extra pins 4,72" (12cm). - 8 pcs.
    Mounting element 19,7" (50cm) - 3 pcs.