Floor lamp in Scandinavian style, farmhouse floor lamp.

Floor lamp in Scandinavian style, farmhouse floor lamp.

Folding floor lamp in Scandinavian style, farmhouse floor lamp.
This floor lamp is made for you by hand from high-quality plywood.
The floor lamp is perfect for your kitchen, children's room, bedroom, hallway and living room
If necessary, the floor lamp can be easily disassembled and stored flat-packed.
The floor lamp does not take up much space. Folding floor lamp is very light and comfortable.
Folding floor lamp are great at home in the Scandinavian style or farmhouse style.


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  • Details

    - Floor lamp height - 63 "(160 cm.)
    - The diameter of the round part - 13,8 "(35 cm.)
    - The height of the lower support part is 29.5 "(75 cm.)
    - Material - plywood 0,71"(18mm.), 0.95"( 24mm.)
    - Finishing - acrylic paint, lacquer.
    - Product to give a vintage look by artificial aging parts.
    - Lamp power - 60 watts.

  • !!!WARNING!!!

    When assembling the lampl, it is very important to tighten the main fixing bolt as much as possible!
     The square base of the bolt should go as deep as possible into the wood!  After a week of operation, the bolt must be tightened again until it stops.

    In case of improper assembly, the company is not responsible for possible breakdowns 
    and other incidents associated with the operation of an improperly assembled product.

  • Production time

    10-12 business days