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We are Antonina and Dmytro. 

As a child, Dmytro often visited his grandparents in the village.

There, in the grandfather’s small carpentry workshop, he first saw how small masterpieces are born from simple pieces of wood. 

As an adult, he felt that the love of working with wood woke up again and the result of this

In 2015, the creation of the "Solidhorse Factory", a small family carpentry workshop, was launched. 

We are architects in our profession, and this helps us a lot in developing and

the creation of our furniture and decor. With our products we try to do

the atmosphere of your home is cozy and relaxed.


All our products are designed and executed in a minimalist, Scandinavian, industrial, farmhouse style and are suitable for any design that combines external simplicity and exceptional functionality. 

We carefully and accurately work on our products and make them withattention to detail and materials. 


All products have common characteristics: 

- made of environmentally friendly materials such as wood and plywood. 

- perfectly fit into the interiors of minimalist, Scandinavian, industrial, loft,farmhouse and similar styles. 

- extremely concise, functional, elegant and stylish. 


All models are the perfect combination of color and naturalness of warm wood and together they create a unique impression of your taste and the exceptional style of your home. 

Any of the items in our store will be a great gift for your friends who have moved to a new home or for you if you want to update your interior and add novelty and originality to it.


Kyiv, Ukraine

+380 98 647-22-47

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